Imagine a clinical trial without amendments, enrollment delays or deviations…

Centerphase can help get you there.

What Centerphase Can Do For You:

Centerphase has the expertise and the information to help you prevent many common clinical trial challenges that lead to poor protocol enrollment, amendments and deviations. As protocol optimization experts, Centerphase can help you uncover unforeseen obstacles, develop more implementation-friendly protocols, project realistic enrollment rates, avoid amendments and set your sites and studies up for success. Should you need it we can also troubleshoot your current enrollment and site performance challenges and provide rescue and rejuvenation interventions.

How We Do It:

Avoid Amendments
Our proprietary protocol optimization analysis and evaluation process helps you determine the likelihood of study implementation success. Through a systematic and structured quantitative and qualitative assessment process we identify the key "red flag" issues you are likely to experience, identify opportunities to amend or clarify the protocol before it is finalized, determine the characteristics of high performing sites and develop risk mitigation strategies.

Improve Enrollment Projections
Leveraging electronic medical record systems and subject matter experts through a unique collaboration with Mayo Clinic and other investigative sites, we develop a comprehensive recruitment funnel to determine likely conversion ratios, develop more realistic enrollment forecasts and inform the development of your site selection and recruitment planning strategies. Recruitment Funnel and Reverse Funnels Identify Loss Ratios and Reasons to Project more Realistic Enrollment Rates

Minimize Deviations
Even the most perfectly designed protocol is at risk for deviations if the sites are not adequately trained and prepared. Through practical, hands-on and interactive study implementation training programs, we will accelerate the protocol learning curve and minimize potential deviations.

Why We Do It:

  • 90% of studies fail to meet enrollment targets
  • 20% of sites fail to enroll one patient
  • Almost 50% of studies require unplanned amendments even before the first patient is dosed

We Will Make a Difference in Your Study Approach
and Results!